Monday, June 21, 2010


Today all the tomatoes got into the ground! This year we've got Pruden's Purple, Green Zebra, Sunkist, Yellow Perfection, and Black Cherry. The cherries will be PYO (pick your own) for the CSA, which is a new addition this year.

We also got all the eggplant into the ground, there are three different varieties of that as well!
The flower garden is also coming together slowly as things are ready to be transplanted out...
I've always heard farmers talk about how they could work from dawn until dusk and still have more work to do and I never quite understood what they were talking about, but this year that's all changed! I feel like there's a never ending list of projects to be done now that the frost-free zone has arrived (we hope!). Piggies need to be moved, tomatoes need to be trellised, winter squash needs to be transplanted, greens need to be seeded, onions need weeding, the winter garden needs mulching, the flower garden needs all kinds of love... the list goes on. But the great thing is things are growing, and well! I tend not to irrigate my fields because I feel like the plants should be able to fend for themselves, so far I've been successful with that approach, I hope that luck continues!

Before I sign off I thought I would leave you with some photos from the garden, the bakery, and one of my good little Abner with his ladies... the farm is a bundle of activity these days...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

CSA Season Has Begun

Yesterday was the first CSA pickup of the season! Shareholders got salad turnips, mesclun, radishes, garlic scapes, dill, and kale or collard greens in addition to a little baby basil plant to take home.
This year Sundora farm has close to 40 shares going out every week compared to 25 last year, and so far so good! I've got a fantastic group of volunteers here helping me weekly, and I have to say we're way ahead of where I thought we would be.The fields are getting fuller everyday, and things are really taking off.
Wildflowers are in bloom all around the fields, baby lettuces have turned into teenage lettuces, and the snap peas are flowering!

Meanwhile the pigs have tripled in size since I got them and only continue to get more lovable. George, who was the least interested in me in the beginning and was maybe even a little aggressive, has discovered that right between his eyes is his favorite place to be rubbed and that little tummy of his likes love once in a while too... Flossy is also warming up quite a bit, but Gladys doesn't seem to understand why everyone wants to touch her. I try to give her her space.

In other news, my bread is now being sold at Chef's Market! You can find my french breads there and sometimes even my bread sticks, dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting too. I make deliveries on Saturday and Monday mornings by 10am.

Finally, Sundora Farm could use a few things to help out with this season.
#1. Cardboard boxes (medium-sized) and brown paper bags for delivering bread and packing up shares at the end of CSA days.
#2. Old milk crates or big plastic bins that you no longer need(they don't have to have lids).
#3. 5-gallon buckets
I think that's all for now! If you have any of these items to donate, send me an email and we'll figure out a good dropoff time! Thanks!!