Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sundora Bakery Pricing

Word is getting out about my bread! So, I've decided to list some of the items I offer as well as some prices to give people a better idea of what I have going on here. But before I begin, let me give you a quick snapshot of what my baking is all about. As a local farmer, I'm looking to use as many local/ethical ingredients as I can. Right now I use local wheat from Butterworks Farm, local eggs and honey, and fair trade sugar. I'm hoping to use fair trade vanilla and chocolate, and local sunflower oil (which is also from Butterworks) when it's ready in a few months. My loaves are made in small batches and are mixed, kneaded, and shaped by hand.

100% Whole Wheat $5.25
Whole wheat with flax $5.50
Whole Wheat with Sunflower Seeds $6.00
Whole Wheat with Sunflower Seeds and Flax $6.25
White/Wheat Hybrid Sandwich $5.25
Cinnamon Swirl (which has a white/wheat hyrbid based dough) $6.50
My take on a French Bread $4.00
White/Wheat Hybrid Dinner$3.00 for 6/ $5.50 for 12
Bulky Sandwich $3.50 for 4/ $6.50 for 8
Rosemary Chive Dinner $3.50 for 6/ $6.50 for 12
Sage Dinner $3.50 for 6/ $6.50 for 12
*Prices are subject to change slightly as I incorporate more local ingredients.

I am also open to taking requests if you don't see the kind you're looking for!

To place an order or get any remaining questions answered please call Claire at 802-522-6877 or email her at SundoraFarm@gmail.com. Orders must be placed by noon on Sunday for pickup on Tuesday at the farm. Pickup is between 8:00am and 4:00pm. We are located at the intersection of Beanville Road and Route 12 in Randolph.

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