Friday, August 7, 2009

Chickens are out and flowers are in bloom!

Things have been pretty busy around here now that the weather is finally cooperating! The veggies are in full swing, the pigs are getting huge, and the laying hens are out in their brand new chicken tractor complete with nesting boxes and roosts. Ben has been working long hours to get this thing up and running, and I have to say it gets the job done. The hens seem really happy and safe, which is all we can hope for. Ben is a proud papa.

The chickens are mostly black australorps but there is a white sultan chicken(among other random additions) that we've named Guss Guss. I think she looks like a mad scientist. She's a tough ole bird and seems to hold her own pretty well despite her dainty head dress. She's my favorite.

The rest of the chickens seem healthy and lively.
Constantly up to something and always with that guilty expression on their faces... I don't trust them for one minute.

This is our first season growing flowers, so our "cut flower" garden was a huge experiment. I had no idea what varieties to choose or when exactly things would bloom or for how long. So I just got a random assortment after reading their descriptions in the Johnny's catalog, and hoped for the best... and I have to say it's been wonderful so far and seems to be thriving despite this crazy season we've been having. The flowers are beautiful and they attract a great variety of beneficial insects. Here are some pictures...

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