Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sundora Farm Luncheon

Every year Bethany Church holds the Talent and Treasure auction as a fundraiser. This year we decided to donate a tea luncheon for 6 to take place here at the farm. So last weekend 6 ladies came over to our house all decked out in mudboots and tea hats, ready for an agricultural spin on a tea party.

Our afternoon began with a tour of the farm. I showed them the fields and the flower garden, the pigs and the chickens while answering questions about cover crops and local agriculture.

The tour ended in the CSA pick up area, which we had turned into the ultimate tea party location.
There were cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwhiches on freshly baked homemade bread, a lovely local salad, a frittata, salad turnips and dressing, lemon squares, and a delicious spread of fruits.
The ladies enjoyed tea, both iced and hot, as they sat together in the barn tea room laughing and sharing stories.

We are hoping to make this luncheon an annual event, so keep your eye out for it next year in the Talent and Treasure Auction!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea!!