Monday, April 20, 2009

Mulching Indoors

Yesterday I spent a good hour putting the finishing touches on the floor in the hoop house. It's got a thick blanket of mulch hay on it now, which means it's all ready for tables. Hopefully we'll be able to get those started next Sunday.

While I did that, Ben went to work on the tractor, servicing it to get it ready before the season begins in 2 weeks! Such a handy man he is...

Later in the day I began making a compost pile, something I am very passionate about! Compost is such an integral part of a healthy farming system, so knowing how to do it well is a must for farmers, especially new ones like me. I made this particular pile from horse manure, leaves, and wood shavings that came out of the chicken coup when we cleaned it this winter. I'm following a technique I learned at Rio Muchacho Organic Farm in Ecuador when I interned there in 2006. This compost pile(if everything works correctly) will get hot as the bacteria break down the organic matter in the pile and convert it into available nutrients for us to use. The end product will be rich, dark compost that we can then spread on our fields. Very important stuff, and something I could get absorbed in for entire afternoons.

It's amazing to think that in 2 weeks I will have completed my college career and will be living down on the farm full time. I can't wait...

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