Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pressing Farm Chores

This past weekend was a big weekend at the farm... We finally tamed the beast that had become Ben's hair! It was wild and treacherous, and at times I didn't know if we were going to make it out alive, but in the end we were successful!

Now don't underestimate the importance of this
 farm chore... and I say farm chore intentionally. Sheep have to be shorn, and so does Ben's head. It's a serious matter...

As you can see, I have my concentration face on in all these photos while Ben is happily watching Nacho Libre...

Now that Ben's hair is under control we can get to other, more pressing tasks! 

Like registering the name "Sundora Farm" as our trade name with the Secretary of State and opening a bank account for the farm... Soon we'll be ordering seeds!

In other news, sales of CSA shares are going well so far! Keep calling us and emailing us with any questions you might have. Here's another link to our brochure in case you can't get down to Three Bean or Cover to Cover!

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