Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lupines and Piggies

This season I feel incredibly lucky to have survived the rains without any economic or ecological damage. My heart goes out to the farmers across the state who have suffered greatly at the loss of their spring crops, the flooding of their fields, the erosion of their soils... thank goodness the sun has finally come out and summer has arrived. Hopefully we will all be lucky enough to have a season of plentiful harvests ahead of us.

I'm running into a challenge I've never experienced before.... my fields are almost full and I still have a bunch more to get outside! I've got cucumbers, many kinds of winter and summer squash, as well as melons out in the field under row cover. There's broccoli, a whole field of potatoes, lots of beets and carrots, many salad mixes, lettuce, swiss chard, the list goes on... it's an amazing feeling to have so much growing already, I'm just hoping I'll continue to have room for more! We'll make it work somehow!

Baby winter squash under row cover...

All in all things are going really well so far. I've got some fantastic workshares this year, but I could actually use a couple more! With the Randolph Farmer's Market this year as well as the restaurant account with The Harrington House opening June 16th in Bethel, VT on top of the 30 member CSA, I've got my hands full! It's already an exciting season, and I have every confidence this will be our best season yet!

And now, here's a photo update of the happy piggies...