Monday, January 30, 2012

Pause in Production

After a lot of thought and careful weighing of options, I've decided Sundora needs to take a break from producing for other families this year. For the last three years I have loved producing food and caring for the pigs and chickens. I can't tell you how good it felt to wake up each morning during the season and head out to greet the fields in the morning light. I loved the hard work, the produce, the seed catalogs, playing with the piggies, the field planning, transplanting, market, CSA pickup, washing veggies, mornings with my harvest crew, the list goes on. I am very lucky to have had a wonderful, fun-filled, exciting three years of doing the farm... "So why stop?" you're probably asking... I'm taking a break because while the farm has been ecologically sustainable, it hasn't been financially sustainable for me. I am hoping to take a year off, keep a big garden with my head farmhand, right hand woman, and dear friend Lynn, and play around with different business models in hopes that I can find a way to reinvent the farm, and maybe start fresh at a later date. While I will miss the piggies, the CSA members, and the larger scale gardening, I am greatly looking forward to getting back to gardening just for the love of it. I know this season will leave me feeling refreshed and excited, just what the doctor ordered.